Ride The Falkirk Wheel with Falkirk Hire Boats



Start off your trip with a ride on The Falkirk Wheel, Scotland’s £82 million engineering wonder.

The Falkirk Wheel was opened in 2002 and since then has seen 5.5 million visitors. The purpose of the Wheel is to re-connect the Union Canal with the Forth and Clyde Canal and the link between the Glasgow and Edinburgh waterways. This is the first time both have been connected since the 1930s. Previously passengers had to connect through a series of 11 locks and this took almost a day to pass through!

You’ll begin your trip by entering the gondola, it takes around 4 minutes for the gondola to reach the top of the aqueduct, which is around 25 metres in height.  The Falkirk wheel is a green machine, each half turn uses the equivalent energy of boiling 8 domestic kettles!

Continue your boating adventure East along the Union Canal, Scotland’s only contour canal, to Edinburgh. Your journey will take you through the Falkirk Tunnel, Falkirk’s oldest tunnel at 194 years old and 690 yards long.

See if you can then spot the faces of the Laughin’ and Greetin’ Brig !

Cruise along to the Royal Burgh of Linlithgow where you can stop and refuel in some of their fine restaurants and public houses or visit the beautiful Linlithgow Palace before continuing your journey to the historic capital city of Edinburgh.


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