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Other boatyard services provided by the team at Falkirk Hire Boats

Boat Brokerage services, Boat Servicing and Repairs, Boat Painting and Signwriting

Boat Brokerage Services

At Falkirk, we have around 16 narrowboats that we operate for four different companies for holiday hire including our own too.

All of these boats either will be, or are now, for sale at any point in time, depending on each company’s replacement strategy.

These boats are a selection of the traditional kind of canal narrowboats, all around 2m wide but between 13m and 19m long, with a variety of accommodation offered.

You may be aware that Scottish Canals have recently announced the availability of increased numbers of leisure and residential moorings on the Scottish Canal system. If this is something that might be of interest to you now, or in the future we’d be happy to assist you in your enquiries. You can find out more information about residential moorings by clicking here.

If you would like a closer look at the boats we have for sale, we suggest you arrange a trip to Falkirk where we can show you some of them, and talk through the options and selections we have on site, or that we may know of that aren’t on the market just yet.

Let us know if you would like to take a look.

Service and Repairs

We have the only floating Dry Dock on the Scottish Lowland Canal network. If you would like to speak to us about the potential use of our dock, get in touch on our contact page of you can click here to be directed through. See the list of services available at the Dry Dock by clicking on this link. Please be aware that by clicking on these links you will be directed to another page on this site.

Boat Painting and Signwriting

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Segway Tours